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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Things I forgot to mention this morning...

What made last night so fun is that it was like those nights out at Thursday's with Frank DJ-ing - just a really fun, completely unpretentious time. Everyone dancing and everyone looking normal and dorky and no beautiful people preening for the masses and being there to 'be seen.' (they should advertise Saturday nights the Clermont Lounge as "Dance music for old people.")

Sure, the ladies and I got moderately dolled-up, but it was part of our ladies night fun, a whole stereotypical evening of make-up and frou-frou drinks (ok, the alcohol content in the last round of apple martinis and rum and cokes was clearly not frou-frou, but you get the point) and cheesy 80s music*.

So that's what we were doing upstairs in my room, while, also in a freakishly stereotypical way, the boys got drunk in our living room and kept a tally of how many times each other farted.

*April - honey - we thought of you and played your excellent Jelly Rolls mix! Twice!


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