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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Another one of those days that's so long when you think back to the morning you swear that had to be yesterday. But it's been a good day, so I can't complain. Woke up at the boy's place (despite having to get up at some totally unnatural hour for work, he always lets me sleep in, 'cause he's a good guy like that). Stole his favorite t-shirt to wear home, but also to tide me over the 3+ weeks he'll be in Greece and Turkey and London (I know - quite the jet-setter!). Cruised in to school sometime around noon, managed to get some work done, only appeared dumb in front of my advisor once, so that's a better-than-average afternoon. Attended nerd lecture # 615 (this one about the three front runners for a possible HIV vaccine. very interesting, but worth noting that none of the current possibilities have been shown to successfully prevent disease, just decrease viral load enough to reduce transmission once someone is infected...certainly a step in the right direction, but we need to be realistic that it's doubtful we'll see the sort of eradication we've managed with smallpox and polio). After that it was airport duty for Kathy, which was great since it meant scoring some authentic Kenyan coffee (just in time too) and tiVo-ed Grey's Anatomy with Janette (I failed to realize last night's episode was two hours and didn't set the tape appropriately) capped off with a bit of yoga (much happier body). Now that it's nearly 1am I know I should sleep, especially since, once again, I have Think Deep Thoughts on my To Do List before meeting the advisor, but I know I'm a sucker for instant gratification and therefore will be staying up to watch House. Moral of the story? I seriously need to watch less tv. C'est la vie.


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