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Monday, March 31, 2008

David Wilcox

Apparently this guy has been around forever, but I heard him for the first time on my local NPR station Saturday afternoon. Reaper Sweepstakes made me chuckle, about how he longed for the days when he knew the thing to fear was nuclear annihilation. Now there are too many things to worry about - global warming, terrorism, etc. But be sure to click over and listen to Falling For It - a very pretty song "...about the manipulation of our fear that happened after 9/11...On our travels around this beautiful country, we found in many conversations that people were nervous talking about politics. A lot of people have been convinced that it’s not a conversation, it’s a war between two sides, and once we’re divided, we can’t talk to each other about real issues. It seems we’ve been taught to fear each other and retreat behind our name-calling and team colors. But real discussion is crucial for our form of government to work. Our founding fathers wanted us to feel free to speak our concerns about national policy, so they decided that our leader should be a president and not a king." Airstream is definitely on my to buy list now.

Also, tonight I had the pleasure of hearing Helen Thomas speak, but you'll have to wait for that re-cap. And afterwards I met a lovely gent from Dublin, who will hopefully e-mail me some tips for my upcoming trip! Hooray!


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