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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What she said

Go read Twisty:

In case you missed it: 14-year-old kid is unwitting host to opportunistic
growth. Growth becomes non-viable, and is summarily expelled by kid’s body while
en route from New York to Houston on airliner. Kid chucks expelled tissue in
trash can (What was she supposed to do with it, asks Echidne, “[wrap] it up
carefully and [take] it home to show her parents?”). Homicide cops interrogate
kid and teen sperm donor. Prosecutors ultimately decide not to charge kid with
“wrongdoing.” Magnanimous of them.
The 14-year-old said she didn’t know she was pregnant, and I believe it.
Kids might have half a clue about the symptoms of pregnancy, or at least about
the general ramifications of boinking, if these goddam antifeminist public
health policies didn’t go around trying to pass off shit like “abstinence-only”
classes and “purity pledges” as sex education.

Homicide cops, faugh. Why not just institute the Houston P.D. Criminal Uterus Unit and be done with it?


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