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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ingredients for a good day

  1. 'sleep in' (until 8)
  2. sip coffee from "Martin Sheen is my president" mug while watching election episode of West Wing
  3. Vote*!
  4. Decide to take job offer**
  5. Come home to glorious GA weather and throw open all the windows
  6. Continue to pretend as if I don't have a zillion things to do today
*Despite being totally disenfranchised by the electoral college when it comes to my presidential vote, it was still pretty damn awesome to push that particular button. Although I haven't been following it nearly as closely, I'm actually as excited about our senate race - various polls have the race too close to call, and likely to end up in a run-off in Dec (GA law requires candidate to win with 50+%). At least in that race I feel like my vote could actually make a difference.
**tiny not-so-great lining - the flip flops my stomach is doing about salary negotiations. Details re: job, decision, and negotiations to follow.


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