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Friday, October 21, 2005

Medical Advice from the Masses!

So I've been sporting this hematoma from attempting to give blood and I've been keeping an eye on it and no signs of infection or anything and the bruise seems to be going away extremely slowly, but otherwise normally...but the area is definitely still tender and sometimes even hurts when I pick things up, and it's been nearly two weeks for crying out loud! Any chance I should be concerned?


Anonymous Sid said...

Two weeks? Have you ever been tested for anemia, kiddo? Two weeks isn't terribly long for a bruise, but since this happens a lot, it makes me wonder.

I'm also a little concerned by the use of the word "hematoma". When you used it in an earlier post, I thought you really meant an ecchymosis, which can take more than two weeks to fade away... but if its a real hematoma (does it form a hard lump?), then its worth checking it out with a doctor.

I'd probably just stop donating blood, Meg. You're just not very good at it. :-)

12:53 PM  

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