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Thursday, December 22, 2005

This is what I love about being home in Chas - it's a small enough town, and there's little enough to do, that when people visit over the holidays, it really doesn't matter whether you were actually friends in high school or not. If you're within a vague 20-ish-something age range, you're going to be invited to whatever party is happening. And as a result, you end up hanging out with all sorts of interesting, random people. For instance, tonight, this boy walks through the door, and I think, why do I know that kid? So I follow him into the kitchen, and he says, Megan! and I, never being all that shy or lacking in bluntness, say, why do I know you? Turns out it's Rich(ie), one of my brother's best friends from sometime around junior high school.

-totally different topic-

During an afternoon showing of The Family Stone, I found myself initially rooting for a character to get on a bus and leave the dude who was asking her to stay...but then I realized I had this other voice wondering, but why not do what feels good? To hell with whether or not it's a 'good' idea, just make yourself happy in the moment. At which point I started wondering...well, something more complicated than a mere second half of a sentence will really cover. So here's the thing - for a long time, I was a hopeless romantic. Sappy, mushy movies, books, tv shows, and songs with completely ridiculous plotlines - I was your girl. There was no limit to my suspension of disbelief. Somewhere along the line, presumably as a whole growing up thing, I became both more reasonable and more cynical, and started rooting for the unhappy ending...supposedly not just because this would be more realistic but also more interesting and original. And then today I had this little pendulum swing back moment, which sort of ties in with things I'm covering in therapy, and now I'm wondering - am I about to enter another hedonistic phase*?

*our first summer at Belmar Estates we referred to as Our Summer of Hedonism...there's really no need for further explanation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I don't see the relationship between being a romantic and seeking pleasure...

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