succumbing to peer pressure

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Met with Eric yesterday and immediately started feeling better about my (as-yet-barely-started) masters project. Still a lot of work to do and only (yikes!) 43 days until I have to present, but significantly less stressed out than I was on Monday and Tuesday. Just another reason why I'm so incredibly lucky to have ended up with a boss/advisor like Dr. Youngstrom.

In other news, every morning that I wake up and it's another degree colder I wonder just how soon could I move to NC? At least today the snow is that powedery kind, and it's falling from the sky in a pretty, white-christmas-y way rather than the usual cleveland, angry, drilling you with frozen pellets kind of way.

Tomorrow I'm headed home for the weekend which will be both nice and depressing. Nice, because home is pretty much always nice, and depressing because it will include more packing up of stuff, and that always depresses me.

Next weekend I'm off to Atlanta, where it has to be at least a little warmer than it is here. My cousin Brian and his wife Jenny have agreed to suggest some sight-seeing stuff and take me out to dinner, so it should be a good weekend.

Guess that's about all the procrastination I can afford right now...back to research...