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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Nepal - Days 1 and 2

Korean Air really manages to make flying more civilized.

Yeti Air, on the other hand...

Actually, we didn't fly Yeti Air, but who could resist that photo op? We took Guna Air for our Mountain Flight, an up close and personal view of the Himalaya Mountains. (Mount Everest is just to the right of the center of this picture)
Immediately before taking this flight, we posed for pictures with a ton of Nepali police in riot gear (mine wasn't one of the numerous cameras used, so you'll have to wait until someone sends me a copy of the photo). They were all assembled for some training flight over the mountains and were just hanging out, joking around, happy to pose with the crazy tourists. Good thing we jumped at this opportunity, since the police we saw that weekend, during the bandh, probably weren't in such a jovial mood.

We spent the afternoon in Bhaktapur
Many temples, beautifully, intricately carved wood, and, unfortunately, beggars.

That night we went to my sister-in-law's family shop to meet the parents, then had a lovely moonlit dinner outside.

Next up - wedding festivities!

Well, at least my uterus has a strong sense of timing - Fair warning, this post is seriously TMI

I have no internal clock. I need an alarm clock for everyday of my life, and I never know what time it is without consulting my watch. My theory is this is why I'm not very sensitive to jet lag - given a few external clues (sunlight, or lack thereof, a meal) I can pretty easily convince myself of any time of day.

My uterus, though, is like clockwork. For most of my life I have had very regular periods, even without birth control pills. So yesterday, at the DC airport, I was particularly annoyed to discover that I had started my period, one day early. It wasn't until I got home and looked at the calendar that it occurred to me that with all the time zone crossing my body was actually in the future and my regular cycle was just on time.