succumbing to peer pressure

Saturday, November 25, 2006

An anniversary...of sorts.

In honor of the passing year, I thought I'd offer up what is, to me, an amusing story. Some of you have heard it already.

I spent last Thanksgiving in Texas, visiting relatives. On our last night in town my brother and I went out on sixth street, threw ourselves into a cab very late/early, and stumbled into my uncle's house a mere few hours before I was supposed to be awake and en route to the airport. Fortunately, my aunt and uncle are kind, understanding people and they woke me up very gently and quietly with offers of water and coffee. I then proceeded to spend the next 6 to 8 hours on planes and in airports, repeating over and over to myself, don't throw up. My friends graciously picked me up, and reminded me that I had promised to attend a hockey game with them later that evening. So I went home and promptly fell asleep, but fortunately remembered to leave the door unlocked for them and awoke to the welcoming sounds of friends preparing dinner. By this time I had gotten over my earlier mantra and was famished (the limes in my gin and tonics nearly 24 hours earlier had been my most recent food). After managing to keep dinner down I offered to be the DD to the hockey game, since clearly my system needed no more alcohol. The game itself was lovely, with the exception of being surrounded by excited, tipsy folk with inflated tubes mean to be pounded together for maximum noise. Ouch.

Throughout the game I was text messaging an old friend, making arrangements to head over to his place after dropping off my friends. After arriving at his place I announced that while pretending to watch the movie, I would in fact be curling up on the couch and sleeping. After my cat nap I was helped off the couch and into bed where I (ahem) managed to not sleep. That's right, I Did It, as the kids say. And thus ended my long and comical mission to finally get laid. The next morning, because we are both huge political junkies, we lounged in bed with coffee and indulged in all the Sunday morning bobble-head shows. It was, as far as I was concerned, the ideal date.

The End.

Well, ok, not quite the end.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Thanksgiving Story

It's just Mom, Dad, and me this year (Brad can't get enough time off work to come home) so we mostly just spent the day lounging and noshing and drinking and watching too much tv. Very nice, very low-key. Well, Dad's on his way to bed when we hear him open the front door and then yelp - There's a bird in the house! Damnit, I let a bird in the house! Again. Mom's trying to remember how he caught it the last time - didn't you use that black net? You see, she has a wreath for every season on our front door, and birds, from time to time, make their nests there. This one wasn't in full nesting mode, just yet, but it was hanging out in the wreath long enough that when the door swung open it got startled into the house. We spent about ten minutes shutting doors and Dad followed it in a pacing pattern back and forth across the kitchen until finally he managed to net it and set it free again in the great outdoors. Yep. Just another night here in WV.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Is this show about my life?