succumbing to peer pressure

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Squee! The interview yesterday went tremendously well (though grueling - six one-on-one interviews and one hour-long job talk) and I left with an unofficial offer (HR let the director say "We would like to make you an offer" with an official offer headed my way assuming administrative stuff comes through). I think I know what I want to do, but I'm nervous and overwhelmed about the whole thing. I'm sure I'll be back here to organize the pages and pages of notes I took and really wrap my brain around the possibility.

At the moment I'm enjoying sitting on the couch at the Canadians, after a full day of running errands, mostly for the little man (whose adorableness you can see for yourself).

If we can work it out, tomorrow I'm headed back in to the city to talk to some people about the open faculty position there.

I know in this economy I'm a fool to complain for a second about ample job opportunities, but I swear, when I get back home I'm going to need to sleep for days!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

For those of you keeping score at home

Wedding weekend went off without a hitch, and minimal family drama-rama. My parents still clearly send my brother for a loop, but overall I think we got along ok. I didn't end up in tears, which means as far as I'm concerned the weekend ended up in the plus column. The dinner itself was lovely, seeing an old friend from junior high was pretty awesome, and I really dig my new sister-in-law. Added bonus - hearing my brother's friends say nice things about him. It felt like they were speaking about a person I had never met, but I'm glad he has people in his life who seem to genuinely care for him.

Successful air travel to San Diego means I actually arrived in time to both sleep and prepare for my presentation, something I wasn't really counting on. Presentation went fine, as did misc. other conference happenings. Stumbled into additional job interview at dinner tonight, abbreviated version of story below.

Flight to SF in 8.5 hours for job interview #1 at small non-profit. As I said over dinner tonight, at this point I'm mostly just worried about impulse buying a job - I know that I love and respect the organization and the director of the organization, so the odds that I'll feel compelled to say, Yes! Thank you! should they offer me something, regardless of whether or not it's objectively a good fit for me, seem relatively high.

At some point on Thursday I will presumably head off to spend quality time with the Canadians and their adorable six month old kid, with an interlude to head into the city for another job interview. The story goes like this: in conversation at dinner tonight with an aquaintance I mentioned my current crazy travel schedule, he gets quiet for a minute, says, well, if you're going to be in the neighborhood for a day or two, we have an open faculty position. The research primarily involves health disparities stuff. You should come up and meet some people. Me: Sure! Why not! I'm sure I can find some clean clothes in the bottom of my suitcase...

This is certainly not the job hunt experience for which people had prepared me...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mission Accomplished.