succumbing to peer pressure

Saturday, October 06, 2007

People who know you

I've posted here before about the joys and comforts of people who have known you a long time; how lovely it is not to have to explain yourself, to just be known. And while there is certainly the danger of someone who has known you for years and years being somewhat stifling, expecting you to remain the same person they once knew, one of the many lovely things about AWB (and PC) is that they have never seemed threatened by changes in my personality. They notice them, and comment upon them, but welcome them as the next step in whatever it is that has to happen for me to continue to be me. Anyway. That just seemed like something that I need to post, to acknowledge, after a wonderful night out on the town with AWB and her other internet friends. I've been doing the growing up thing, the getting drunk less often thing, and there was something incredibly enjoyable about tonight, something more than just the sum of the details of the evening (good beer, good company, good dancing (despite terrible music)) that required a public statement.

Oh, right. I'm on vacation. Hi, I haven't been around because I'm on a much deserved respite with old friends. Other highlights include quality time with some other folks who don't require explanations on my part (Sid and Sara), an Anderson Cooper sighting, Rent (!!!!), and The Russian Baths. But it's late, so you'll just have to be patient and await further details.