succumbing to peer pressure

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Grown-up things, irresponsible things, and adorable neighbors

Reese stopped by tonight to pick up my extra key and work out the details of taking care of Cleo. It's a little weird to leave for vacation without roommates to take care of things back here. I've been the last to leave before, to have to wrap up loose ends and whatnot. But I can't really remember anytime when I was both the last to leave and the first to return, thus in charge of all details while I was gone. To make me feel even more "grown-up" Reese and I sat around discussing bills and budgets and money. Blah.

Yet here I sit, less than 6 hours before I have to wake up, finish packing, and head for the airport; drinking alone and watching tv.

In the adorable, food-bearing neighbors category, two SPH-ers knocked on my door about an hour ago with still-warm-from-the-oven white-chocolate-macademia-nut cookies. These two, who's names I still can't remember, are so sweet. They scared the crap out of me this past weekend, knocking on my door a little after 2 am. They had noticed the lights on in a car in the parking lot, and as I was obviously still awake, were wondering if I knew who's car it was. Turned out it was mine, the seat belt shut in the door, dome light still on. I would have been one sad kid the next morning with a dead battery, if not for these two.

Right. Back to packing and drinking and sex in the city.

Just out of curiousity...

This quote from the New York Times struck me as a bit odd, "The initial reports of throats being slashed came from Iraq, and were never confirmed by officials in Washington, they said." Where "they" refers to unnamed military officials. Doesn't that seem like an odd way of putting it? Like officials in Washington would somehow have a better idea of what happened in Iraq, than, oh, I don't know, someone in Iraq! Now, I'm not trying to imply that I think there's some conspiracy, and I get that Washington officials do have to confirm information regarding the military that's made public (presumably for security reasons). And if "came from Iraq" means Iraqi sources rather than American sources in Iraq, well, ok then. Just seems like a strange way to describe the cause of confusion, and it's unfortunate that the reporter didn't ask a follow-up for clarification.