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Sunday, March 23, 2008

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So the advantage to working on Easter Sunday is that no one is here, so the department is all nice and quiet and there are no distractions (well, except of my own making) and I can read out loud and talk to myself without anyone (other than you dear readers) thinking I'm crazy.

Despite the woe-is-me, I'm-working-so-hard attitude that I and several of my friends have been sporting lately, today was actually quite lovely. I started my day by walking to my neighborhood methodist church for services. Don't tell Mom, but after the excellent sermon delivered by the female pastor this morning I'm thinking I may just be more Methodist than Catholic. Not that I'm much more than vaguely Christian these days, but the services this morning really appealed to me, and not just because the whole thing was way less cult-y than Catholic services tend to be.

After church a few of the aforementioned hardworking friends came over for scrambled eggs and bacon and biscuits and coffee and good music and conversation. All too soon we all felt the pull of research, but at least I got to sit outside and enjoy the sun while editing a chapter.

Now I'm back at school, chained to my computer in my windowless office, but I'm feeling pretty ok about my document thus far (at least, for the next 30 seconds or so) so really I can't complain.

Happy Easter/Spring Equinox/one-month-early Passover/random spring Sunday!