succumbing to peer pressure

Friday, March 07, 2008

Good days

The past 48 hours have been good. They have entailed:
  • An actual full night's sleep
  • A meeting with my committee during which it was confirmed that a) I don't suck, b) I have done a lot of work and c) it's not totally crazy to want to in, next month
  • The discovery that the prospect of proposing next month, while daunting, is also exciting
  • The news that my friend has 'clean margins' (in cancer lingo, that's excellent news...there's still less-than-excellent-news on the table, but we're dealing with things as they come, and in the meantime, this is excellent news)
  • Sitting outside during a beautiful day, just reading and chatting with the roommate and laughing at the cat
  • A meeting with my team from the US Social Forum and the reminder that, oh yeah, we kick ass!
  • Some exceptionally tasty pancakes at Rise-n-Dine
  • An episode of The Tudors
  • Learning about sweating sickness
  • Watching both the Thrashers and my friend's hockey team (the something Dogs) win on the ice at Philips Arena
  • Getting just good and drunk, for the first time in a really, really long time (I want to say since Halloween, but surely that's not true... I must have done something for New Year's...
  • Remembering how good it is to feel good again (Eli says I'm like a depression medication commercial)

Sunday, March 02, 2008


There's nothing quite like a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in Decatur to lift your spirits. First I listened to Nina DiSesa talk about Seducing the Boys Club at my favorite bookstore (which is moving to the square!) (still have mixed feelings about DiSesa's book, but I'll have to wait for the paperback version to actually read it and pass judgement; much as I like to show my support, hardbacks are outside my student budget), then had a luxurious cup of coffee at Dancing Goats, thanks to new technology Clover (not to be confused with Coverfield). All that was missing was a trip to the Chocolate Bar, but alas, this presentation must be finished, so back to school I head.