succumbing to peer pressure

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Washington Post finally catches up with Ms.

and publishes an article about the vast disparity not only in the number of women who negotiate their salaries compared to men but also the difference in how women who negotiate are perceived differently from men who do.

"female candidates who ask for higher salaries before receiving a formal job offer are often not hired at all...males who negotiate do not face similar negative consequences."

(from nearly one year ago)

Post article found thanks to one of my new favorite blogs, She's Such a Geek!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Math is Hard!

So I'm thinking of switching my weekend subscription to the NY Times over to my local paper (the AJC) both to get some more local news and to start fulfilling my duty as a statistician to contact my local paper regarding egregious mathematical errors (one of the many outreach topics covered at last week's conference, and a pretty easy one to do). Ok, so anyone see anything troubling on the subscription page? Maybe the breakdown of subscription fees?

Is this a joke? A tax on the mathematically inept?

Monday, August 06, 2007

Should I be more worried?

A friend is packing in her blog, for the second time, partially to reserve some brain space for her own, non-internetty work, but also partially to protect her anonymity. Which makes me wonder, for the umpteenth time, if I am perhaps blissfully naive about this whole public/private persona thing. My blog isn't nearly as popular as either of hers, and doesn't really show up anywhere with a lot of readers. I've always relied on the commonality of my full name to provide an initial layer of anonymity. But if you have some clue as to who I am in the real world, a few obvious key words added to my name will point google in the right direction (to both my scholarly works and this blog). This doesn't really bother me much. Although I do try to write honestly here, I also keep in the back of my mind the possibility of parents or coworkers stumbling across my words. And although I'd prefer that not to happen, I can't really point to any posts here that I would be unable to stand behind were that to happen. Nor can I think of anything that would be grounds for not hiring me, at least at the sort of company/organization where I would want to work (maybe that's the naive part). So am I being willfully ignorant? In denial? When I stop being a student would it really be prudent to pack it in and hide all evidence of my online life?