succumbing to peer pressure

Saturday, June 21, 2003

So the road trip starts this afternoon. I'm just driving up to Morgantown today, to crash with Toph and Matt. Then on to Pitts tomorrow, with perhaps a stop at IKEA on the way (woo-hoo!). Mattress Factory and misc. other museums and Jess and Timmy in Pitts, then Long Island and Matt on Tuesday. Dunno exactly what that week will look like, but I'll spend it between Matt in Oceanside and Carrie in Brooklyn. Will definitely be in Brooklyn on Thursday for a boat cruise/concert with Carrie (YAY!). Then on to Cleveland, Chicago, and Columbus. Whew. Going to put a couple thousand miles on the car, and I figure I'll be slightly insane by the time I get back here to WV, but so be it. So psyched to just hit the road. :-)

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

ARG! Universal dilemma: a friend is doing something that you think is bad for them. Be it a relationship or life habit or lack of job or whatever. And I don't just mean something that gets on your nerves, but something that you really, truly believe to be detrimental to their lives. Do you talk to them about it, try to convince them to change? Or just sit back and prepare to be there for them if/when it goes badly?