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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

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Last Life:Alchemist
Attendants at Funeral:91
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This is only cool 'cause it claims I was an alchemist. Bet Kate's jealous. :-)

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Zang! Who is that, running along the mountains! It is Gymno, hands clutching a piece of chainlink fence! And with a bloodthirsty grunt, her voice cometh:

"I'm going to fuck you like it's my job, and roll you in creamy neugut!!!"

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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Yay to making new friends! (boo to blogger spontaneously not working in mozilla) Went to one of the "social events" planned for tonight and met some new people whom I already totally adore. April and Cara are definitely my kind of people. Totally passionate and nerdy, out to make the world a better place, but stopping for a good beer along the way. Also had people over for the first time tonight, which was totally fun. It's funny that the first people I met at Case, I thought, these are my people. And I'm thinking that again here, but they (and I guess, I) are so different. Then again, I s'pose that first line could aptly describe the people with whom I stayed friends from freshman year. On a slightly tangential note, it's encouraging to notice that my instincts about people seem to be improving somewhat. One of the new guys got on my nerves, but I couldn't really pinpoint why. Later tonight we confirmed that most of us felt the same way. A few years ago I think it would have taken me months to figure that out. Perhaps there is hope!

Anyway, so I've been here a little over a week, and the place finally looks like home (go to to watch the place go from empty to somewhat's a little annoying because you have to create a yahoo id, then send it to me so I can put you on the approved list, then you can see the so-so pics. but hey, at least it's free!). Stressed out a little today with driving around and getting stuck in traffic and being late about insurance forms and whatnot...but determined to stay relaxed and least until after classes start. Went to the big two-story target today, which was exciting. The cart escalator is as cool as everyone says, but I'd already picked up my "room divider", which was too tall to fit past the entrance to the escalator, so the cart and I didn't get to explore the second floor. Ah well. Another day.

My neighbors are too too cute. Mindy knocked on my door two nights ago with a plate full of cupcakes! Just to say hello and welcome me to the complex! I didn't really think people did that sort of thing anymore. Also, she and her live-in boyfriend Curtis randomly know Vandy. This small world thing is kinda creepy. But nice, I suppose.

Haven't done much else exciting. Mostly spend my days furniture shopping (essentially done, thank goodness! just need a coffee table, but that's pretty low priority) and trying to find a birthday present for Dad. Tomorrow I have to clean as I've invited the whole department over after our departmental meeting. Should be good times had by all. Least I hope so. Ordered books online today and saved $100, so that was cool. The parents show up this weekend, which is also cool.

Went to Eddie's Attic last night for open mic night. We got there late and only heard a few acts, but I think it's the sort of place I'll go back to. They only host acoustic acts, and the monday mic night has been going on for years. Roughly 20 artists are invited to play two songs apiece, judges determine the top three, who then play an encore of one song, and a winner is chosen to compete in the twice-a-year shoot-out, winner of which takes home $1,000 and recording time. Past winners include John Mayer, so that's pretty cool. The owner also discovered the Indigo Girls. So while some of the acts really suck, you only have to tolerate them for a short period of time, and many of them are really impressive. Well, that's probably enough for tonight...