succumbing to peer pressure

Saturday, June 07, 2003

As if walking around my empty apartment, double-checking that everything really is empty, and having this weird, snapshot-imagery-thing happen where I picture various moments that have occurred there over the last two years weren't hard enough, now I'm cleaning out my room back here at home. And what pile should I go through this afternoon but the one containing all my freshman year paperwork from Case. The first e-mail that Ahalya sent, back when we were trying to coordinate who would bring a fridge and who would bring a stereo. My freshman orientation packet (lord knows why I saved that). The collection I put together for my high school friends of our quotes and lame forwards about college life and saying goodbye and all sorts of sentimental, nostalgic crap. Brutal. In the very weird category, I also happened to find a several page story/note that apparently Josh and I wrote during math class. We had one fucked up relationship. And perhaps it's just because I've sort of omitted from my immediate memory bank most things that involve Josh, but I don't really remember writing this thing at all.

Anyway, sorry Jennings, but I guess the above is probably somewhat depressing....again. But I swear, I can be sentimental and nostalgic without truly feeling depressed. Anyway, on to other topics. Just to reiterate, it is really great to be home. I'm sure some of the greatness is due to the fact that it's simply nice not to be in limbo anymore. I keep forgetting that at 22 it's a little sad to tell people that I've moved back home. But it doesn't feel sad to me, and I know it's only for about 6 weeks, so I forget that other people don't know that and might think I've moved back home semi-permanently. Ah well. A lot of things about today were like coming home on breaks from undergrad - did three loads of laundry, had to beg Mom and Dad for spending cash (since I closed my checking account I no longer have an atm card, but I had used it too recently for them to cut me a check right there, so I have to wait for National City to mail me my balance...yeah, I'm sure that'll arrive real soon...stupid national city). Really looking forward to washing the car someday soon. Actually not hating cleaning my room as much as I had feared, though the whole project is pretty overwhelming. And of course, staying up late pecking away at this thing. But as I have clearly run out of interesting things to say (did I even start with a remotely interesting idea or have I just been rambling?) and no one is online to chat, it's probably about time to kick the cat off my bed, find a new place for all my wet laundry, and get some sleep. nighty-night kids.

Finally back home in WV and it's fucking great. Dug the bed out from under massive piles of shit and slowly cleaning up the rest of the place. Naturally, hooking up the computer came first. I think the cat loves it here nearly as much as I do, though she's still scared to go outside. Last night she very methodically went through every room in the house, and I think the attempts to map out the space nearly made her head explode. Attempts to strategically unpack things I'll need in the next few weeks while packing up other boxes to move to Atlanta has nearly made my head explode. Anyway, that's all for now, I have about a zillion other things I'm supposed to be doing. But Jennings has been complaining that my blog postings of late are depressing, so hopefully this one sounds less so (though I didn't really think the others sounded depressing either, I didn't *feel* depressed...anyway).

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

So I knew that I was drawing the short straw by being the last roommate to move out, but I didn't realize just how short until this morning, when I had my head and shoulders inside our refrigerator, attempting to remove whatever that was that had congealed on the bottom shelf. To my former roommies - I love you, but for just a few moments this morning, I loved you a little less. A suggestion to others - try to think of the grossest cleaning job associated with moving out, and then do it together. Think of it as a bonding experience! Otherwise, things are moving along pretty well. Managed to get rid of nearly all the left over furniture (thanks to Rebecca!) and got Dave to help me carry the last remaining chair to the curb. Nearly all of my things are finally in boxes, though I fear too many to fit in my car. I guess Friday morning will tell whether I'm making another trip to the post office. Work stuff is all right too, just a hand full more simulations to run tonight and two meetings tomorrow. I went out on a little date with myself last night; dinner at the bronte bistro in shaker square and then went to see The Italian Job. The entire evening was most enjoyable, and it was nice to remember how much I like my own company from time to time. Well, that's all my news for now. Better head back to the apt. to attempt to talk the cat into spending the night inside, since this morning it sounded a little like she was developing kitty-bronchitis again. Poor thing. I think she might actually be happier than I when we're both finally settled somewhere.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

So everyday our apt. gets more lonely and depressing. Thank goodness S-Lo gave me a place to sleep so I don't have to spend my nights there. Cleaning and packing has already become more time-consuming than I'd expected, which is unfortunate, but I'll deal. I've also already found at least one box-worth of Carrie's stuff. Carrie - I can't seem to find your cell phone # or forwarding address. If you happen to get online before the end of the week and read this, please send them to me. Otherwise, I'll track you down via Jann. Once again, I wonder what I was thinking agreeing to keep working until the very last minute. Ah well. At least I have all morning tomorrow and most of Thursday afternoon to myself. That should suffice. I don't have anything interesting to say. All I've been doing is working and running tedious errands. At least tonight I'm treating myself to a movie. I always forget how much I enjoy watching movies by myself. Then again, I'll probably have more than enough alone-time once I get to Atlanta, so perhaps I should be spending more time in crowds while I still can. :-)