succumbing to peer pressure

Friday, October 24, 2003

Spent two hours hanging off a wall (well, mostly climbing up and falling), almost finished my SAS program, hung out with my girl Sanna (say: Sauna), saw random half-naked guy, talked to the cops, was sober enough to drive home, and stayed up way, way too late considering the amount of work I have to do tomorrow. All in all, an excellent night.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Thank goodness for the Gilmore Girls. I know Ahalya usually claims this one, but tonight's episode was all about me. Except that I'm way too old to be as awkward as Rory was tonight and certainly not as cool as she usually is.

To echo Amelia, HOORAY for Molly Ivins!

Wow. I love it here. Beautiful sunny day, blue sky, and 80 degrees. Just makes me happy.

Monday, October 20, 2003

Just finished "Bend it Like Beckham," which was brilliant, as expected. But how depressing that they keep talking about the national women's league in America as their "only hope" and it just folded this year?

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Hoorah! Homework took significantly less time than I expected, so now I can feel less guilty about spending the better part of yesterday wasted. Wasted might even be an understatement. We planned on going to the Decatur beer festival, but weren't one of the first 5,000, and thus couldn't get in. Since we were already in the mood to spend the afternoon drinking beer, we headed to Taco Mac for several pitchers. Then back to Cara's for beer pong. Where I learned that natty ice and I do not get along. A valuable lesson indeed. The only thing I sort of regret is that I think it might have appeared that I was fubared as a result of the previously posted quote. But the thing is I had already set aside saturday afternoon for drinking. Did half my homework that morning and everything so I could just relax and spend the afternoon with Cara and April. Anyway, Chris called while we were standing in line for the beer festival. And it was just so...weird, that I didn't really even feel much about it until the end of the day. I'm sure that's not entirely true, but I have been better lately about being honest with myself, and I really do believe that 90% of my drinking yesterday was not influenced by that phone call. And I just hate that it might have appeared that way (particularly to Chris himself, who came over to Cara's later that night) and just makes the whole thing (which is actually quite a small thing) seem so needlessly melodramatic. le sigh. Ah well. Such is life.

So in the past hour or two I've become completely addicted to Jamie's Kitchen. The Food Network is running a marathon and it's pretty engrossing. Jamie is opening a non-profit restaurant and teaching unemployed 20-somethings how to be chefs. Pretty cool idea.