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Saturday, May 10, 2003

Ack! So many pieces of entries composed in my head but too tired/drunk/many phone calls to return to get them all out. I'll just leave this and hope that it jogs my memory in the morning:

1. ran into Mike Snyder tonight
2. difference in my reaction to the drama of yesterday vs. the attempting car-jacking my freshman year


Friday, May 09, 2003

A General Announcement:

It's been a surreal evening at Case. Cnn has most of the details covered here. As far as I know, most of the folks around here are safe and accounted for. I'm going to bed.

Evolution of an obsession with Badly Drawn Boy:

Step 1: Carrie buys "Songbook" by Nick Hornby for me for my birthday
Step 2: Hornby writes about music as if he's inside my head, only a more articulate version of me
Step 3: Hornby tells poignant story about "A Minor Incident" by Badly Drawn Boy and includes the song on the cd that comes with the book
Step 4: download every Badly Drawn Boy song you can find on Kazaa
Step 5: visit their website, be won over by their cute use of graphic design, order cd from the UK

The End.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

so Kate started this survey-thing of sorts over on her blog ( about men or women whom you find attractive based on their characters in books or comics. I'm a shameless copycat, so here's my first contribution to the list:

1. First sighting, for you: The Fellowship, at the dancing pony inn
2. So, what's he look like?: dirty, unshaven, unwashed, stringy brown hair, dark, slightly raggy clothes, piercing eyes; sounds attractive, no?
3. Hottest appearance in a story: has to be in RotK, not just because it's all about him (ok, not really) but specifically that moment when they're tending to all the sick and injured and someone mentions that they need the king to lay hands on people, and he steps forward from the shadows, lowers his hood to show his face, and says something to the effect of, your king is here.
4. Why do you love him?: because he is good and noble and fallible and all the things a hero should be and I'm a total sucker for that
5. Ah, but was the book any good?: OF COURSE!!!! don't be dissing LotR
6. Hot or lovable?: both

Along the same lines I'd love to add Heathcliff, but that's just too cliche to bear.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

So after watching The Four Feathers tonight (overly-simplistic but still entertaining, since, you know, Heath) I started wondering why Hollywood always goes for the happy ending. I realize this isn't a novel observation, and perhaps my desire for the tragic ending is merely an indication of my (*gasp*) growing cynicism, but I started wondering nonetheless. For instance, in this movie there's the classic love triangle, kate hudson clearly loves heath and he loves her back, but he's a coward and by the time he has more than redeemed himself in battle she is engaged to his best friend, who has also always loved her. Now in my mind, Heath should have come back from the Sudan still loving her, but having gone through too much and being in a place so different that they can no longer be together. Hollywood apparently disagreed with me. The same thing happened in The Count of Monte Cristo. One of the things that's so satisfying about the book is that even though Dantes and Mercedes love is true and pure and all those lovey dovey things, after everything that he goes through, he knows that they can never be together again, that things can never go back to the way that they were. Sad and tragic, but more truthful than the movie ending. Anyway, that was my random stream of consciousness.

Monday, May 05, 2003

Frustrated. Can't tell how much is justified and how much is PMS. Hate excusing things due to PMS. Sometimes hate being mature and talking things out. Miss being able to pout and sulk with no good reason.

Sunday, May 04, 2003

My roommates are brilliant! Spa Day is the best idea ever. I haven't felt this pampered in ages, and I have the happiest feet, hands, and face. Nothing but lounging around the apt. all day watching movies and soaking our feet and applying masks. Pretty fucking awesome. Later we're going to the drive-in. Too bad Identity isn't showing with something cooler than Anger Management. Ah well. Potential schedule for rest of week, for those who are interested in joining, just give us a call!

Monday - Ken arrives; museums in the morning, gettin' drunk at the dome in the evening

Tuesday - 50 cent theater or "other" in the morning, Carrie and Mark are going to see Bright Eyes in the evening

Wednesday - free morning, $25,000 Pictionary at our place in the evening, starting around 9:30

Thursday - X-Men! (Still looking for suggestions for "finale" for Thursday night)