succumbing to peer pressure

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kathmandu, Nov 8 (PTI) Maoists' supremo Prachanda has warned that his party may declare a "parallel government" in Nepal if the ruling coalition fails to address the key dispute over "civilian supremacy", which has forced them to take to the streets.

Prachanda, who headed Nepal's first post-royal government, said even as they had withdrawn their plan to announce "autonomous states" the party may declare a "parallel government" if it was forced to move into the next phase of its protest to dislodge the alliance, the Nepalnews online reported.

Responding to the stepped up security and threats to mobilise the army to maintain law and order in the face of the Maoists agitation, Prachanda warned the government that they would be compelled to take up arms if force was used to quell the protest.
I leave for Kathmandu in 17 days.