succumbing to peer pressure

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fabricated Memory?

So I netflixed Keen Eddie because someone told me to watch when Bravo started re-running the series a couple of years ago. But now I can't remember who it was! Are you out there? Whoever you are, thanks! Thoroughly enjoyable, even if the dvds are disappointingly lacking in any extras whatsoever.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

I just re-lived a chunk of my adolescence.

Corrine requested 80s night at the Masquerade for her birthday, and 80s night it was! But none of that teeny bopper 80s shit (despite the fact that practically all the girls we saw go in before us made us feel terribly old, wearing leggings (leggings!) and short skirts. C and I agreed that we were both guilty of this egregious fashion sin, but we were 12-ish at the time, and hardly knew better). Instead it was the Pixies and the Cure and the Smiths and New Wave and punk and all the stuff I wasn't cool enough to appreciate at the time. I danced enough to increase my soreness from coaching 4 gymnastics classes in a row and walking all over campus for orientation activities and generally confirming my feeling that I haven't sat still in a long time, though that's clearly an exaggeration. I'm experiencing that sort of exhaustion that happens despite adequate sleep, the kind that's due to just too much activity during the day. I managed to parlay the Texas trip into the feeling of vacation through the rest of the weekend. Saturday was unpacking and lots of tv, Sunday was sleeping and cooking out with the Canadians et al and playing cricket and getting eaten by bugs. Sadly, Sunday night was my car not starting, biking to school Monday morning, helping out with the new students, then waiting 3.5 hours for AAA to come start my car (you get what you pay for), then errands, more orientation stuff and all the gymnastics classes on Tuesday (I was literally so tired (and hungry) by Tuesday evening that when I stopped on my way home to get gas I nearly put diesel in my car! thank goodness the pump for diesel is bigger than the other pump, but I spent literally a minute or so with absolutely no problem solving skills, just clunking the larger pump into the entrance to my gas tank and nearly attempting to drive home, despite sitting on empty, because I couldn't figure out why I couldn't put gas in my car!). Wednesday was more orientation stuff and manufactured stress regarding the class for which I'm a grader and a department reception and a lovely date at a mediocre Japanese restaurant. I felt like a slacker today for being so slow moving this morning, until I realized that for the past two afternoons I've done that spontaneous falling asleep thing. Now, I'm a champ at sleeping. Typically, I'm asleep within 5, maybe 10 minutues of hitting the pillow. Often it's challenge to get through my (quite brief) nightly prayer before heading off to dreamland. But I sleep with a lot of intention. I have a bedtime and a routine and it's all very planned. But the past two afternoon's I've done that thing where you don't realize you've fallen asleep until something wakes you up. So I cut myself some slack and had a slow morning. And I'm really treating myself and not going to school again until Wednesday. I'll surely be working from home, but I can pretend like it's another vacation. At least I'll be working in my pajamas.