succumbing to peer pressure

Friday, August 22, 2003

Guess who has internet again! Woo-hoo! Here are some musings from my past week:

Day two here in Atlanta. Where to begin? I’m sitting on my new bed, which brings me more happiness than it probably ought to. The first thing I did last night, after setting it up, was to lie down x-man style. I LOVE having a bigger bed. And the best part? I got mattress, box springs, frame, and delivery for $200 even. Which is totally sketchy and the thing is probably stolen or has a dead prostitute buried in the middle of it or something. But for now, I’m just enjoying not sleeping on the floor. Also picked up some shelves and odds and ends at Target. At least one corner of the place is actually starting to look like a living space. The cat has slowly stopped meowing at me in a way that seems to say, “why have you brought me here?” She’s even found a couple of nooks to claim as her own, which is fine by me. Went out with Ryan and some of her friends last night, which was really nice. Today I think I’ll go television shopping and start cleaning. Someday I’ll actually purchase things like a desk and a couch, but that can wait.

Ah Carrie, I miss my funky dancing partner. The cat just looks at me kind of confusedly.

Meanwhile, things here are going well. Bought a tv and cable got set up this morning, which makes me very happy. It’s only taken me three days to strongly dislike BellSouth, the local phone company. So I think I’m just going to bail on this whole land line thing and spring for a cable modem. Which means I no longer have a new local # (for those of you to whom I sent it) and my cell # is still the same, although that’ll get changed over to a local # sometime in the next couple of weeks to a month. Accomplished a few other random tedious tasks this afternoon (new bank account, insurance, etc.). Hoping to do more fun things tomorrow, like wander around Little Five Points and look for a birthday present for Dad. Can’t wait until internet gets set up on Friday – with no phone book and no internet it’s hard to find useful things like used furniture stores and Home Depot. Ah well.

Well, it’s even more official. Middle-aged black men working at grocery-type stores are my niche. The security guard at K-Mart tonight makes the fourth one, in three different stores!

In other news, I am now the proud owner of both a microwave and a toaster oven. Hoorah! (making popcorn as I type) Well, now back to Red Water (yay for cheesy shark movies) with my popcorn and beer. Life is good. 