succumbing to peer pressure

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A little bragging

Dad informed me today that I've made PubMed! It's almost like being famous. (ok, I confess, afterward I couldn't resist doing a google scholar search. I'm there too, but it's harder to tell, as I'm all mixed in with other similar names that aren't me.)

And no, Sid, sorry kiddo, but it wasn't you. But hey, every night brings a new chance!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sex Dream

I had a sex dream about a friend the other night. Although this doesn't happen to me nearly as often as it does to AWB, it's still a not entirely uncommon occurrance. And typically it doesn't mean anything. And I'm not saying this one did, but it did sort of screw me up for a few days. Actually, now that I think about it, the whole thing was sort of AWB-ish. My dreams are typically sort of bland and random. AWB has these amazingly epic dreams. It was one of the many pleasures of living with her - waking up in the morning and hearing some totally bizarre retelling of a dream over coffee. But this one (mine) was fully epic in scale (if a little childish in its monster qualities) - a full on clash of good and evil and the end of the world and all sorts of things. And a fully developed story too, which is the thing my dreams most often lack, or at least, what I remember of them. Anyway, and then right there in the middle of the world ending, I'm having sex with this friend. And now I'm all distracted.

Other things that are screwing me up

I was sick all weekend. I'm really enjoying coaching the kids in gymnastics, but they're such little germ factories! So I spent most of Friday-Sunday in bed or on the couch in my pajamas. (ok, so Friday night I went to the Indigo Girls concert (which rocked) with Janette, but I had promised Amnesty International that I would volunteer at their table! and Saturday I put in an appearance at the UVA kickball cookout, but I had promised to bring pies! anyway...) I actually started to get sick on Thursday, but that didn't stop me from having a most enjoyable date at the hockey season opener. Anyway, the point is, I didn't get any work done all weekend, so yesterday I started freaking out about that. More specifically, I've barely been working on my dissertation since the semester started, and I have a Nov. 1 submission deadline for a conference barreling down on me. So there's that.

The good news

But the good news is, Ahalya is coming to visit me! Well, ok, she is presenting at a conference that is conveniently located here, so she's staying with me! Hooray!