succumbing to peer pressure

Saturday, October 04, 2003

My god, I've found a boy who talks! Chris and I were hanging out on the couch after the party tonight, chatting, and he says, so we kissed a few weeks ago. And I'm like, yeah, and then you disappeared for 2 weeks. Anyway, we talked, but I'm just so pleasantly surprised by someone who comes out and discusses things. It was great! And I finally got to voice my general feelings about dating/beginning relationships - I'm going to spend time with people with whom I enjoy spending time, and here's no reason to make it a bigger deal than that or freak out about things (although, admittedly, I was doing my fair share of freaking out over this particular boy). So we talked and it was all very nice and gratifying and things are good. And I'm off to bed.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

So I post a link featuring Brits singing about gonorrhea and no one even comments? Sheesh. Ah well. At least I'm the first person linked on Jared's new blog. Makes me feel important. :-) Or least mildly interesting. I'll settle for the latter.

So I was sick as a dog this weekend (Saturday mostly), but spent quality time drinking tea with honey and many hours on the couch watching movies and even more hours actually sleeping and was feeling quite proud of myself for making myself better so fast. Then went out for two pints last night to celebrate Ryan's (actual) birthday, and woke up this morning with yet another scratchy throat. Ah well. Let's hope this time it doesn't actually progress into the nose, ears, and chest. Anyway, watched "All I Want" with Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore, and the foreign chick from Borne Identity. Wasn't really about much, but something about the way it was carried out was nice. So I liked it. And I think I'm becoming a begrudging fan of Elijah. Even worse, I think I might like Mandy Moore! At least, she didn't suck. Also rented Someone Like You (such a comfort movie, definitely going to have to buy that one, if only for Hugh sitting on the counter in the kitchen....mmmm...hugh jackman....oh, sorry).

This week is crazy. Besides the usual school-type-stuff, tomorrow is our School of Public Health mixer (woo! free beer!) then some panel discussion that features more free wine and dinner (yay!), then Goodbye to Mars at the planetarium; graduate student council meeting on thursday (not quite sure how I got talked into that one), and Fondue Night at my place on Friday (mmmm...chocolate).

Lastly, if you're somehow not as broke as I am (I can't imagine who that would be), donate some money to help fight aids or participate in your own local aids walk.