succumbing to peer pressure

Saturday, September 06, 2003

le sigh. Struck by a bout of loneliness tonight. Hate when that happens. I may have been single for the last 3 years, but that doesn't necessarily mean alone, right? Most of the time I'm all right with that...but sometimes...someone will casually throw an arm around me, or hug me, and I'm struck by my own reaction...this reminder that occasionally I really need physical touch of the non-platonic variety. Well, I'll probably hear from jennings about posting another depressing's not really depressing...just a truthful moment.

Friday, September 05, 2003

So I'm finally (FINALLY!) back online, and I'll spare the anti-comcast rant as I want to save my vitriol for the lengthy letter/e-mail/phone call I plan to make to the highest comcast supervisor I can get my hands on. Anyway, that aside, life here is grand. Classes started this week and seem to be all right. Mostly boring at the moment, but I'll definitely take boring over completely overwhelming. Already avoiding homework, but such is life. Starting to feel like I'm really making friends, which is tremendously cool. Not that I was having trouble meeting people, but all the interactions were feeling pretty superficial. Not superficial in that the people were shallow, but just didn't really feel like connections were being made on any sort of serious level. But a bunch of us hung out at Cara's last night and consumed much beer and played much beer pong and asshole and much fun was had. (yay for freshman drinking games greasing the wheels of friendship!) So I've decided to be a total slug today and slept all morning (and part of the afternoon) and have yet to change out of my jammies. Figure my days of getting to do this are seriously numbered, so enjoy it while I can.

It's kind of weird, I've been having all these bouts of self-consciousness here. Which anyone who knows me will know is *not* me at all. Nothing too all-consuming or anything, just weird moments of worry about what I'm wearing, or what the apt looks like before people come over, or did I talk too much, etc. Which is lame and hopefully only temporary. April's theory is that we're more self-conscious here because suddenly the people we meet are going to be our colleagues and might even one day influence our career. Which is a much better theory than my rather sad idea that we simply become worse at making friends as we get older. I really hope that isn't true.

Took a class at the gym the other day, which was way fun. Hoping to start using the climbing wall soon. Totally psyched about becoming a boulderer. Had planned on starting that tonight, but really don't see a workout in my future this evening. Ah well. Will be more productive tomorrow. Yes. Tomorrow.

The parents came down last weekend with another carload of stuff for me, which was awesome. Even more awesome were the trips to sams and k-mart and home depot that they sprang for. And Dad fixed a bunch of stuff around the place (drain, stringing cable up off the floor, putting shelves together, etc.). We also made time for a trip to the botanical gardens and some seriously tasty food (I think my favorite was brunch at Sweet Melissa's....definitely have to do that again). So all in all it was a great weekend and continued to confirm my notion that my parents totally rule. Have to remember to talk about them less as seems obnoxious to other people.

Mostly just did the class thing this week. Hopefully books will arrive soon so I can actually have references to use for homework. That'd be nice. All right. Off to the shower and non-pajama-type clothes.