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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Megan's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day*

So I've been working on this thing for work and the deadline has slid around a bit and I keep thinking I can finally mark it off my To Do List and it keeps clinging to my To Do List and other members of my team have tons of work to do and I have less than tons so I've been picking up some slack, which is fine, and good for me, even, but the bottom line is I've spent the past 48 hours feeling chained to my apartment and laptop and internet connection (ok, so I could have gone somewhere else with my laptop and a wifi connection, but details!) and details of this project are really pushing my Type A buttons and I couldn't get my fucking code to work and I'm going stir crazy and I'm dissatisfied with the finished product** and bah!

So that's where I was around 4:30 today when I decided enough is enough, send the damn thing off, grab a shower and get the hell out of this apartment. In an effort to cheer myself up and snap out of this bad mood I got 'dressed up' (cute skirt and sweater, new boots, make-up, etc.) and planned to go explore a new neighborhood. I wasn't feeling too psyched about exploring, but knew continuing to stare at these four walls wasn't going to help...then I sat, in the cold, and waited 45 minutes for a bus. That sure as hell didn't make me any less grumpy. So I gave up and headed toward my local coffee shop (of course, at that point, the bus rounded the corner, and I could have run for it, but really?).

Some time spent sipping hot cocoa and reading my book and ogling cute boys put something of a dent in my mood. Now I'm back in my pajamas with a four-cheese-cornmeal-crust pizza in the oven and chocolate chocolate chip ice cream for dessert and naked Viggo Mortenson for second dessert. Here's hoping that makes it possible to wake up fresh and un-cranky tomorrow. Bah humbug!

*it's not actually that bad, I'm just crankypants, and feel like throwing a bit of a childish temper tantrum, so referencing a children's book seems appropriate
**that's me being crankypants - the finished product is fine