succumbing to peer pressure

Friday, August 27, 2004


We're talking about a bb gun pellet here folks. People shoot cats with bb guns because they think it's funny (apparently). Hence why it's possible for a cat to be shot several times and still be generally ok.
Also, the vet shaved off all Cleo's dreadlocks, so now poor thing has this funky looking mohawk, in addition to the shaved spot on her neck and four stitches. Truly pitiful looking. I feel like a bad mom.

Holy Crap!

Took the cat to the vet this morning to have a small lump removed from the back of her neck. Vet just called to say what he removed - a bullet! Poor Cleo! He says she's doing fine but he wants to take some x-rays to check for more, because typically if a cat has been shot once, it has been shot 4 or 5 times. Unbelievable. People suck.