succumbing to peer pressure

Thursday, August 07, 2008

I'm back from Denver, all in one piece, and the conference was A-Mazing (I may or may not get around to boring you with that later) but I'm here to spread a sad announcement that popped up while I was away:

Wordsmiths Needs Your Help!

My favorite bookstore in the whole world is in financial trouble, primarily stemming from astronomical rent on their first location (which they moved out of several months ago) and a major event that didn't quite pan out (owner Zach has a fuller version of their situation posted on the website, but that's the short version). So if you love books, independent bookstores, and/or bookstores that feel like they're run by your friends, and you've got a dollar or two burning a hole in your pocket, send it Wordsmiths's way, would ya? Just click that handy hyperlink up there and find the donate button on their website. If you're an out of towner, I promise to bring you by the place next time you visit. You'll be glad you played a part in keeping them open.

In the happier announcement news, Danica McKellar (of Wonder Years and Math Doesn't Suck fame) has a new book out - Kiss My Math! Although I'm inclined to agree with La Feminista that the idea of 'girl math' makes me a bit queasy, I'm always going to get behind efforts to make math more accessible and less intimidating. Plus, my girl Danica just rocks.