succumbing to peer pressure

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Good lord, Timothy Olyphant is the best thing to happen to a low-slung pair of jeans since Brad Pitt. Just sayin'.

I'm sitting here at the tail end of one of the most enjoyable weekends I've had in months. I know a list of things I've done over the past couple of days falls in the "lunch" category, but, well, tough.

On Friday a new friend coaxed me out of the house for Open Studios, under the pretense that it would be a moderate and early night. Well, far too many glasses of wine (plus whiskey? and beer?) and about six hours later I finally found myself stumbling from a cab to my door. But a good time was had, and art was purchased (seriously, I'm totally in love with Matt DeLight), so who am I to complain?

Oh, right, because ten hours later I was scheduled to meet my boss and a couple of other friends to go hiking in Marin (oh, my life is so tough!).

But thanks to a heavy breakfast and copious amounts of water and coffee I was able to handle myself ok (if I do say so myself) even when post-hike my boss suggested brunch and wine in Sausalito (again, tough, I know).

Saturday afternoon I actually managed to get some work done, wrapping up in time to whip up dinner around 11pm. Which was convenient, since a friend suggested we head out for drinks around 1am.

Today was my TDLF day for April, so I rolled out of bed slightly before noon, hit the neighborhood coffee shop for brunch, spent the better part of the afternoon shopping (grown-up pants! on sale!) then snacked on some seriously decadent chocolate (mmm...fleur de sel caramel in dark chocolate) and wine in front of the tv. Life is good.

(Just, you know, completely hypothetically, what's the general rule of thumb these days about PDA? Because I've always thought kissing while standing on the curb at 2am waiting for a cab, or tucked in the shadows outside your front door was pretty socially acceptable, but that canoodling on the sidewalk on a Sunday afternoon was, um, awkward. Thoughts?)