succumbing to peer pressure

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Traveling makes me cranky.

Evidently. Or, probably more accurately, traveling + editing a presentation the morning before delivering it + not getting enough sleep makes me cranky. I've been feeling pretty smug about sailing through the past 4 weeks of airports and taxis and time changes and actually knowing what city I'm in and what time it is, but frankly, I'm ready for about 12 hours in my own bed.

I sniped at my boss this morning.

It wasn't a big deal, but it also wasn't me at my best.

I know people, and my team in particular, do things at the last minute, and I need to just breathe and go with it, and I am making progress...but my type A personality works for me precisely because it allows me more time to go out and have fun. I was mentally 90% done with this presentation 2 weeks ago for a reason. And I like going to conferences because I like attending sessions and, you know, learning stuff! I had my week all mapped out - a couple of hours to fine tune the presentation, a reasonable number of interesting-looking sessions, and evenings free to catch up with the zillion and one people I know in DC. And I also knew it was a pipe dream. But today the lack of ownership of my own time is starting to wear on me. So I sniped.